When and Where we Dance

When Where Time
Monday Church House @ Hutton Rudby 7.30 p.m / 8.30 p.m
Tuesday Bootcamp for Parkinsons Clients 25k Centre, Redcar 11.00 a.m
Tuesday Great Ayton Parochial Hall 7.00 p.m / 8.00 p.m
Wednesday Village Hall @ Ingleby Greenhow 9.15 a.m / 10.15 a.m
Wednesday Robert Atkinson Centre @ Thornaby 11.15 a.m / 12.15 p.m
Wednesday The Orchard @ Middlesbrough 7.15 p.m / 8.15 p.m
Thursday Village Hall @ Swainby 9.00 a.m / 10.00 a.m
Thursday Strictly 1, 2 Dance for Parkinson's Clients St Barnabas Middlesbrough 11.00 a.m
Thursday Great Ayton Parochial Hall 7.00 p.m
Friday Robert Atkinson Centre@ Thornaby 10.30 a.m / 11.30 a.m

If these classes don’t suit you- or you’d like a new class in a different location- please contact me and I can help.

Omg that was bloomin fab, great class as usual, loving the tango, I've just had a bit of a weight loss spurt due to coming back to you yes :)) completely addicted. Thanks ...

Adele, Hutton Rudby

Words can’t express how you have made me feel about myself, blood pressure is going down and slowly starting to lose weight and giving me a get up and go ...

Elaine, Great Ayton

Jo’s dancing class is the most interesting, she always explains the steps, she goes through them thoroughly and she is very understanding and patient ...

Lynn, Middlesbrough

Joanne is a very good teacher, pleasant and funny, good company, all of the class are very friendly keeps the fat off you ...

Barbara, Ormesby

I visited the Dr’s recently to be told that I no longer need to be on my bone density tablets as a result of Jo’s class which I attend twice a week, I am so pleased ...

Jean, Thornaby